Link Love: Travel Edition

More often than not, the life of a working woman includes business travel. I know that for my job, I travel about 25% of the time. This has made me pretty adept at navigating airports, train stations, car rental hubs, and hotels. (The movie Up in the Air hit so close to home, it’s become one of my personal faves.)

In honor of the fact that I am embarking on a whirlwind travel schedule for the next several days, this week’s posts will focus on business travel. To kick things off, I thought I’d show a little link love to my friend over at Travelinga Trips. This girl is a master traveler and offers some great tips and advice on:

And for everything else there’s Travelinga’s Top 25 Travel Tips.

Does this girl know her stuff or what?In preparing to write this post, I searched for other lists of travel tips, but most of them were just too hokey. (Only once in life did I see a woman really implement those special “beauty tips” for airline travel . . . I recall her misting her skin and hair with some sort of mineral water. She looked ridiculous. I mean, is all that really necessary for a 50 minute flight to Atlanta?) But, I did manage to unearth a few good ones that I think you’ll find useful:


— curvyceo

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