A Word About Fit

After this excellent guest post by veteran recruiter Natasha Thomas of Archetype Style, I received a few inquiries about how this guidance can and should be applied by the full-figured job applicant. Sure, you have to wear a suit (or do you? ;)), but are there any other guidelines to follow?

As not only someone who wear plus-size suits in my professional life, but also as someone who has been across-the-table as the interviewer of curvy gals in business attire, THE most important thing you can do is wear something that fits properly. If I'm trying to find out about your experience and credentials, I don't want to be distracted by the bits of flesh bulging out of your shirt. (I don't think you want that either!)

Also, you definitely don't want to get caught wearing something that you will be tugging at every time you move. (So yeah, no short skirts or peek-a-boo tops.)

I am sure there are other pieces of advice - wear dark, conservative colors; dress one step - not two - above the dress code of your prospective place of employment - but honestly, anything I could say is trumped by two simple words: PROPER FIT.

Dear readers, what are your thoughts on this topic?

  • Shannon

    I totally agree that the fit of your clothes makes the biggest difference. In my early days of interviewing I would wear suit jackets and feel totally uncomfortable because I could not find one that fit around my arms. I always felt like a T-rex because my upper arms where so squished into a jacket. Then I learned to wear a nice cardigan instead. Now when I go into an interview I feel much more confident because I am comfortable and better able to focus on the interview.

  • Yaya

    I totally agree. I would rather go up 5 sizes to have a good, comfortable, professional fit than to wear my size or smaller and look horrible and/or be uncomfortable. Having clothes that fit properly can even make you look thinner and well put together. My rule is if I cannot sit down in it and move properly, it is not the right outfit.

  • Geri

    Yes and yes!