Has This Ever Happened to You?

Has this ever happened to you? You're at a shop in the mall, just browsing around, when suddenly a petite saleswoman spontaneously informs you that they "don't have your size" and perhaps you would "have better luck" if you tried looking someplace else? Or, maybe you're at a restaurant, ordering lunch, and when you ask for a "Coke" the waiter responds, "Diet, right?" Both of these things have happened to me. And all I could say to myself was . . . Unfortunately, though, this type of rude "customer service" is not unusual . . . here in the US and abroad. Recently, the ABC News program What Would You Do? has recently featured several segments on this topic. I hope that this type of discrimination hasn't happened to you. Although judging by a recent poll in England, it probably has. Thankfully, Weight Watchers is teaming up with a British department store to help train sales clerks in better customer service to prevent such incidents in the future. In the meantime, though, if you do find yourself in the situation, this article offers some amazing suggestions for how to deal.

  • http://www.mirabilisfashions.com Karen

    I’m having a flashback to the dinner line in college where I had to put up with the sneers and rude comments of the guys my age working the serving line. I lost a lot of weight during those years because half the time I was too humiliated to get on line and headed straight to the salad bar instead. And they wonder why so many overweight women eat alone…

    I was just going on about the not-so-great parts about losing weight on my blog and one of the things that I mentioned is that all of those people will start being nicer to you but unfortunately you’ll still think that they’re rude obnoxious jerks. They don’t get any smarter or more decent just because we change our body size one way or the other.

  • Nana

    This has never happened to me…but I wish somebody would. I would have to speak to someone’s supervisor and then corporate headquarters would get a letter. Then I would do a yelp review and put them on blast all over FB and Twitter. No ma’am. If I am spending money in your establishment, don’t you dare come for me.

  • Blaque

    What did you do in response to those two incidents?

    The first seems ok (I mean if a person wearing a size two went to Ashley Stewart, she would get the same response) but the latter is totally insulting….thin or not, fat or not. I would be livid!

  • curvyceo

    In both situations, I (calmly) corrected the person. “No, I’m actually shopping for a gift” and “No, I want regular Coke.” I didn’t really get ticked until later when I had a chance to think about it.

  • Serenity

    I would never patronize establishments that treated me this way. then I would spread the word so other folks could boycott said establishments. How is this different from someone calling you a nigger to your face and saying they don’t serve your kind?

    You didn’t seem as angry as I would have been….

  • http://www,hautecurvywoman.com tovah

    I do remember a few incidents.

    The latest was at Dillard’s. I think I went for a couple of dresses that were my size, but did look a little on the small side. I thought that I would take them home and try them on because I hate trying on clothes at the store.

    Before I even plunked down my credit card, the (petite) saleswoman said, “maybe you should try those on first.” There was no mistaking her meaning and it kind of ruined my shopping experience.

    Salespeople: Just keep your mouths shut unless we ask for your opinion. Thanks.

  • Lauren

    I don’t see how saying “We don’t have this in your size” is offensive. It’s just stating a fact. Of course, it becomes offensive depending on the tone and helpfulness. Like if the worker said, “We don’t have this in your size but we have this other similar thing that is. Would you like to try it?” That’s a person who really knows how to do their job and is not offensive at all. You have to remember the other extreme where salespeople say anything and lie just to get you to spend money. Salespeople should be helpful without being pushy, and honest without being offensive. Thanks for the blog post. :-)

  • curvyceo

    It was really the tone of how she said it to me….I readily admit that I can be somewhat sensitive, though. Thanks for posting your comment!