My New Favorite Thing


It's back to fashion! (I know y'all were gettin' worried for a minute there. *lol*) Now, you all know how I love me a cardigan, especially as an alternative to a blazer in the office. So, I was delighted during New Jersey Full Figured Fashion Week to discover the wrap cardigan. Quite simply, it's become my new favorite thing. Basically it's a cardigan with looooong flaps of material in the front that you can wear a million different ways. In fact, Eliza Parker literally calls its wrap cardigan the "Million Different Ways Long Cardigan". I own the purple one. I also purchased a similar cardi in "magenta" (really hot pink) from the Jockey Person to Person rep on site at NJFFFWeek. (Check out pages 66-67 of their catalog.) Apparently, DKNY also offers a version of this amazing sweater (they call it a "cozy"), but they only offer it up to a size M/L. *shrug* I just love that they're so versatile . . . you can belt it, wrap it and tie in the back, use a bangle bracelet to give it some extra umph, whatever! Because it's completely adjustable, it's a great piece to wear if your weight is fluctuating. Plus, I feel like they're be the perfect thing to wear in the summertime. When the office is blasting the A/C, you will have your awesome cardi to keep you warm. Heading outside? Just take it off for a bit - you've still got a great tank top or dress underneath. While there are a ton of great videos on Youtube about how to rock a wrap cardigan, I really like this video from CharmedValerie: DKNY also has a great video that shows some really outrageous ways to wear it: