Do You Ever Grow “Too Old” to Dream?


Recently (and by recently, I mean two days ago) I stumbled upon this amazing blog post basically asking whether you can ever grow too old to achieve a dream. The author of the blog - BeQuoted - begins by asking herself this question after comparing her own achievements with that of the young and successful African American author Helena Andrews. She states:
Supposedly “you’re never too old to learn.” Granted, I’m not old – actually a couple years younger than my literary crush – but I feel like I may be beyond the age and point in my life where I can make such a drastic change in my career. Comparing what I seemingly don’t have to someone I don’t even know created a strong, and maybe a healthy (?), sense of doubt....Can I really change the course of my life? Can my dreams truly be realized in a such a competitive market as journalism, writing, and the likes or does my lofty dreams equate to that of a 30-something dude still hoping to become the next great rap star (c’mon you know a few)? Thing is, some of those 30-something dudes do make it – 2-Chainz, what up? Can I do it (not become a rapper, a writer/author)? How?...I’m not sure that I fully believe that this dream can come to fruition.
This blog post struck me because it reminded me of myself a few years back. I don't remember precisely where, when, or why, but one day, out of the blue, an alarming thought popped into my head: "If I haven't become who I'm 'supposed to be' by now, then I never will." I was 33. Nearly two years later, I'm still not who I'm "supposed to be" - rich, famous, renown, etc., etc. And, maybe I never will be. (Seriously, unless a lotto hit is in my future, I don't see the rich part happening anytime soon.) The dreams of my childhood (to be an actress or a singer) don't quite fit into the reality of my adulthood, which includes student loans, housing, and car payments. (Plus, there is also the issue of a lack of talent *giggle*) I've actually made peace with this...yet, it's lead me to ask myself anew: What exactly IS my dream and how can I achieve it? I ask myself these questions almost everyday. Through all of my navel-gazing . . . er, blogging, I think I'm getting closer to finding an answer. But I wanted to toss the question out to you, dear readers. Can you grow "too old" to achieve a dream? How have some of your dreams changed over time? How have you incorporated those dreams into the reality of your life today?

  • Andrea

    It is so much easier to give up and give in than it is to dig deep and define our goals, let alone achieve them. I am determined to do what makes me happy. There are so many people who are actually living their dream. At this point in my life I figure, why can’t I be one of those people? Let’s keep working towards something great until we no longer can. Love this post!

  • Susan

    Wonderful post! I am a new 50 year old woman who has been in my current career for the past 28 years. A change in careers at this point is out of the question for me being that I have so much invested. By the way I am surrounded by children everyday – what a joy! However, as I near the closure of this chapter in my life, I am so looking forward to what is ahead for me. I look forward to the opportunity to re-invent myself and become the person that I have yet to discover. Both exciting and frightening at the same time, but oh so invigorating. Too old to achieve your dreams – I say, “NO WAY!”