Work Your Curves Event Recap – Part II: The Food

As I shared yesterday, the Work Your Curves event was a huge success as it allowed many of us to get back into the exercise game in a comfortable and supportive environment. But, as we all know, good health and weight loss are NOT merely a matter of exercise. You must also fuel your body with healthy eats! That's why I was delighted that Tiffany Griffin of agreed to be our chef for the day! As she explained on Saturday, her whole philosophy is that if you're going to eat a "vegi-centric" diet (which she does), you need to use ingredients and techniques that will harvest the flavor to its fullest extent. It must not just be good for you, but also look, smell, and taste good "because we don't just eat with our mouths." Now, I must admit that being the ultimate carnivore, I was a little skeptical of how tasty a vegetable-based menu could be. But I am telling you, she threw down and made a full-on FEAST! Here are just some of the foods that she whipped up... carrot salad A yummy carrot salad! And anyone who knows me understands that it truly must have been amazing as I generally do not like carrots. coconut rice and jalapeno cornbread Baked coconut herbed-brown rice and jalapeno cornbread. I loved the rice so much that on the way home I stopped by the grocery store and bought the ingredients and recreated it that night! black eye peas A meat-free pot of black-eyed peas. Now this one REALLY threw me. Black-eyed peas? With no meat? Does. Not. Compute. Turned out, Tiffany had a secret ingredient to provide that "meaty" savoriness . . . secret ingredient Smoked olive oil. This stuff is amazing. You sniff the cap and it transports you to a backyard barbeque. This was another item that I had to retrieve on the trip home. Couldn't find it at a regular grocery store, though. Had to made a special trip to Sapore in Eastern Market. Of course, they were out of the smoked olive oil (apparently an article about it had just run in the Washington Post), but I did manage to pick up a few other tidbits to help me in this journey towards flavorful healthy cooking, like chipotle avocado oil, sea salt, smoked peppercorn, etc.) SAM_0232 But I digress. Back to the event . . . Not willing to leave us with mere water, Tiffany made a pineapple spritzer . . . . sweet tea Finally, Tiffany topped off the meal with a wonderful dessert of truffles - with NO added sugar! truffles As Tiffany explained, it's important not to deprive yourself - that only leads to overeating. So, instead, you need to find a healthier way to enjoy the foods you like. Sounds good to me! we all need chocolate As it turns out, Tiffany actually teaches monthly cooking classes. You can find out more about them here. I think I'm definitely going to have to make it a point to check 'em out!! Well, there you have it, dear readers. Work Your Curves was a huge success! I am so proud and thankful to have had the opportunity. If you missed out, not to worry - we will definitely be doing this again! In fact, if you live in the DC area, Chickaro Martin will be offering a series of six-week bootcamps designed just for us curvy gals! The details are still being ironed out but the first class will be happening THIS SATURDAY, February 2 at 9:00 a.m. If you would like information about how to register, please email me and I'll get you those details as soon as they're available!!!

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    Everything was so good! I’m going to make the rice tomorrow night for my book club.