How to “Fake” a Suit

An essential item for every woman in the corporate arena is a good suit. But, finding the right suit can be quite problematic. First and foremost, suits can be expensive. Also, if you find that you are one size up top and another size down below, much like two piece bathing suits, it may be near impossible to find a single suit that fits you properly. (Alas, I've been guilty of buying a suit simply for the "jacket" and saving the accompanying pants or skirt for "someday" when I can fit into a smaller size.) Thankfully, you are not limited to the suits that you must buy off the rack from the department stores. With the purchase of one smart blazer and the pairing of a few complementary pieces, you can "fake" a suit, no problem!

fakesuit (for details about items in this image click here)

And there you have it!!