Work Your Curves is BACK!!!!

plus-size exercise workout bootcamps

Well, ladies, you've asked and Work Your Curves - the first workout group in Washington, DC designed exclusively for plus-size women - is BACK!!! This time around, we will be coached by SerenaFit, who not only specializes in working with busy, professional women, but also in working with bariatric clients at George Washington University hospital seeking to develop new, healthy lifestyles! (You can check out a few video clips of Serena's workouts here.)

Portrait of a black woman working out with free weights -Beginning Friday, November 7 at 5:30, we will begin a six-week, "Get in Shape for the Holidays" edition of "Work Your Curves." Classes are $25 each and will take place at Fit 360 (3220 17th Street NW). Only five spots are available for each class and you MUST pre-register! CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP FOR CLASSES!

Still unsure of whether to join? See what some previous Work Your Curves participants had to say below:

"I am so glad that I had the chance to attend a 6 week cycle of 'Work Your Curves.' I started my journey to a healthier lifestyle change in January. Along with eating right, I had to reprogram myself to love working out again. Yes, the gym can be helpful from time to time but that can get pretty boring, pretty fast. When Curvy CEO came up with this awesome idea to bring a bootcamp atmosphere to the curvy/plus size ladies, I immediately jumped on the idea. And I am so glad that I did. It has truly helped me appreciate working out and knowing which exercise works for my type of body. I am truly grateful for Work Your Curves!" - Vivi N.

"There’s so much positive to say about Work Your Curves Bootcamp – the women, the trainers, the sweat (yes, the sweat) – but to sum it up? I feel so much stronger and suddenly I can do a sit-up! I had no idea that one hour, once a week, could bring about so much positive change! Work your Curves has not just made me stronger, but also more confident and more comfortable in my skin." - Sara K.

"I really enjoyed the Work Your Curves Bootcamp. It was great to work out in a supportive environment with other curvy women. I think I got more out of each session because I could fully focus on the moves, rather than feeling judged for my weight or fitness level. Another great thing about the bootcamp was that the instructor incorporated exercises that I could easily do on my own at home with little or no special equipment. In that respect, it was empowering to know that I don't have to go to a gym throughout the week to still get some strength training in. Work Your Curves really helped me to ease back into a more active & healthy lifestyle on a daily basis." - Andrea D.

C'mon...don't be scared! The only thing you have to lose is weight! Sign up today!