“I Love Myself Because….”

I love MYSELF - New chalkboard with outlined text - on wood

As you know, this weekend the I Love Myself Fashion Show is taking place on Saturday, November 14, 2015 in Beltsville, MD. As a supporter of the event, we sponsored a contest on Facebook asking people to answer the question, "What do you love about yourself?"

There were some fantastic answers. One person wrote: "I love my eyes, my smile and my thighs!!!" Meanwhile, another person shared, " I love that I'm different. I love my willingness to give. I work with the homeless population and I love my work and the families I advocate for. I love my journey. I went from homeless to fearless. I love everything that it went through because it has shaped me into the beautiful woman I am now."

Simply beautiful!

The winning entry, which was chosen at random, shared, "I'm really soft hearted. I have a care for people and their needs over my own. I'm also a great listener. My personality stand out and I have great energy!"

So now I'm asking you - "What do you love about yourself?" Please share in the comments section or on Facebook. Let's get to celebrating ourselves ladies!!!

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