Curvy CEO Reviews: Xpandasox

If you have wide calves like me, you are well acquainted with certain struggles.

Of course, there is the well-documented, seemingly never-ending journey to find wide calf boots.

But, there is also the less-discussed, but still frustrating issue of finding dress socks that won't end up swimming around your ankles by lunchtime.

Enter Xpandasox.

xpandasox site logo Designed to comfortably accommodate calves up to 24 inches, Xpandasox feature the sewn-in "Xpandapanel" that stretches and contracts to stay up without binding.

I first learned about Xpandasox via The Curvy Fashionista. As I was just in the process of assembling my cold-weather wardrobe, I knew that this would be the perfect addition.

xpandasox logoEven though Xpandasox come in a variety of colors, styles, and designs -- including leopard and lace! -- I decided to start with basic black to go with my work dress pants.

The first thing that struck me when I put on my Xpandasox was how comfortable they felt. Just cozy. It was immediately clear that, at a not inexpensive $18 per pair, they put the money into the quality of the garment.

However, I wasn't entirely sold yet. I mean, any piece of apparel can feel good for the first few minutes you put it on. (Yes, high heels, I'm looking at you!) Thr real test would come at the end of the day.

Would the Xpandasox stay up or wouldn't they?

My Xpandasox stayed up! Well, kinda...definitely better than most brands.

My Xpandasox stayed up! Well, kinda...definitely better than most brands.

I am pleased to report that the Xpandasox actually. stayed. up. all. day. Well, sorta. They slipped down to about mid-calf. But they were so comfortable, I didn't even notice! After ending many work days with trouser socks stuffed into the to box of my shoe, I consider this a major victory.

Here is another cool thing about Xpandasox -- it is a Christian company that actually puts its money where it's mouth is. Besides including a little card with scripture with your order, they make a matching contribution for every pair of socks purchased. Their goal is to donate 200,000 pairs of socks by March 2016.

Help yourself and help the less fortunate by ordering some Xpandasox today!

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