Month: August 2012

Need Help Shopping for Jeans? Click Here!


Ah, the ever elusive search for the perfect pair of jeans. It's an essential item in one's wardrobe - yet one of the most difficult and, in some cases, traumatic items to shop for . . . . Recently, I posed this question to Curvy CEO advertiser Pittsburgh Jeans Company: "Just what should one look for when shopping for jeans?" Here's what they had to say:
  1. Look for a jean with a contoured waistband that lies flat against your back and does not “buckle” when you sit.
  2. Try to find a jean with a rear yoke or riser (i.e., the "v-shaped" section at the back of the jeans) that is higher and closer to the waistband...a yoke that is curved (as opposed to straight) is even better. It creates the illusion of "lift" and will perk up your butt!
  3. Try to find jeans with rear pockets that are sized in proportion to the jean's waist size. (Turns out that many jean companies do not grade their rear pockets “up” in size, which makes the pockets look too small on a larger sized jean.)
  4. Want to look slimmer? Go for a dark wash that will elongate your silhouette.
  5. Wanna look taller? Avoid a flared leg, which will hid your feet and make you look shorter.
  6. MOST IMPORTANT: Look for denim woven with lycra or spandex.
  7. Finally, if you are shopping online, be sure to read thoroughly the description of the jeans you're thinking of buying (especially info about the fit), know your size and compare the size charts on the site and, if all else fails, order multiple sizes and be ready to return the ones that don't fit.

It’s About That Time . . .

Swap for a Cause 9.30.12Recently, I was contacted by N Street Village - a wonderful organization that offers formerly homeless women the opportunity to turn their lives around and reclaim their economic independence through a variety of services. I was told that, despite their best efforts, they were struggling to find plus-size clothing that was suitable for their clients as they go on job interviews and pursue new career paths. Was there any way I could help? Then, literally, the next day, I was contacted by Natasha Thomas of Archetype Style. In addition to having the distinction of writing the most viewed post EVER on Curvy CEO, she also works with Suited for Change, which prepares low-income women to rejoin the workforce through numerous workshops and, of course, outfitting them for the office. They, too, lamented a dearth of plus-size donations despite the desperate needs of their many clients. Was there any way I could help? By getting these two requests back to back, I knew it was a sign from above that it was time to host the next curvy clothing swap! So, may I present to you . . . Making a difference while scoring fabulous items - what could possibly be better??? Be sure to visit to register today!!!

One Piece, Two Looks: The Convertible Skirt

Recently, I read this blog post over at that featured the convertible skirt as a great piece to take you from day to evening. I only recently discovered the convertible skirt (which should not be confused with the convertible dress - basically a dress that can be worn multiple ways) and I heart it!!! You can either pair it with a great top and wear it as a maxi skirt or pull it up to create a sleeveless dress. (For those of you who may not want to show your arms - just slip a shrug or jacket over your "dress" and you're done!) I have a lot of traveling to do over the next few weeks so I will definitely be packing some convertible skirts to help me create multiple looks without bringing multiple items to wear. Here are two convertible skirts, offered by Kiyonna (left) and Lane Bryant (right)**
convertible skirts

**Lane Bryant is an affiliate of Curvy CEO. What do you think of this look? Will you be rocking a convertible skirt anytime soon?

My Marshall’s Haul!!!

Now you already know that I love me some Marshall's . . . I consider it one of the best places to find plus-size business apparel. Recently, I stopped by there . . . you know, just to "look" . . . and scored four items for less than $70!!! It was such a good deal that I had to share. Check it! [gallery columns="2"] These are great pieces that I can't wait to integrate into my fall wardrobe!

Batwings Be Gone!

batwings be goneEven though I fully believe that plus-size women have the right to bare arms, I know that sometimes you just can't do it - either because you are feeling self-conscious or you simply find yourself in a venue where going sleeveless is not appropriate. Thankfully, there are some great alternatives to keeping your arms covered while also showing off great style. Here are my three favorites: Kimono Sleeves: Inspired by the long Japanese robe, this style of sleeve tends to be long and somewhat exaggerated . . . almost like a triangle shooting out from your arm. The kimono sleeve is one of my favorite styles for camouflaging my arms because they make a great fashion statement in and of themselves! 3/4 Length Sleeves: Three-quarter length sleeves are just that -- sleeves that cover about 3/4 of your arm, ending below the elbow but several inches above the wrist. These are great because they allow you pretty much full coverage but also allow you to show a bit of skin -- a "low-fat" strategy recommended in How to Never Look Fat Again: Over 1,000 Ways to Dress Thinner--Without Dieting! The Shrug: The shrug is another favorite item of mine. More or less it's a super-high waisted sweater, usually landing just below the rib cage. (It's fancier cousin is the bolero jacket, which tends to be a little more tailored.) The shrug is a must-have item for me - I actually have several in different colors and fabrics. These are great not only for times when I want to conceal my arms, but also when I'm out and find that the temperature cools and I need to cover up a bit. I have at least three from Curvy CEO affiliate IGIGI. While a shrug is usually purchased separately, you should be on the lookout for dresses and tops that feature kimono and 3/4 length sleeves in your shopping adventures!

Event Alert – CurveFest Yoga Tour 2012

CurveFest 2012 FlyerNow, y'all know I love me some yoga. And, as I've stated before, I'm virtually always the fattest woman in my yoga class. While it doesn't bother me much - I do a great job at modifying the poses to suit my needs - I was delighted to learn about CurveFest 2012 - a seven city tour featuring day-long workshops by Anna Guest-Jelley. Tour stops include Philadelphia, Winston-Salem, and Detroit. CurveFest hits DC on Saturday, November 10 at Lil Omm's DC studio (4708 Wisconsin Avenue NW). You can get more details and register here. Cost is $75. Curvy CEO will be there - will you? UPDATE: Unfortunately, Anna Guest-Jelley has been sidelined by an injury. As a result, Curve Fest has been cancelled :( You can read about her difficult but necessary decision in the name of self-care here.

Why I Still Buy Magazines

[caption id="attachment_4635" align="aligncenter" width="463"] Beyonce stans, calm down. This is not a diss. I consider myself an undercover member of the BeyHive. Just a little humor, courtesy of Curvy CEO.[/caption] Every month, I buy new magazines. Even though I still have unread back issues littered all over my apartment. Even though it's going to tell me the same things it told me last month and the month before. I mean, I can just look at a magazine headline and rattle off the contents. (Any question posed on the cover means there will be a "pop quiz" featuring a dinky cartoon and over-simplified analysis. Any "must-have" or "what to wear NOW" lists are basically just products sent to them by cosmetic companies and fashion houses. And all of the weight loss and diet advice is pretty much the same: drink more water, eat some salmon, get some exercise - if you are lucky they will even include little pictures of perfect-looking models in matchy-matchy leotards posing to demonstrate how to do a squat or a crunch). I know all this. And I don't care. I still buy magazines. I just love them. I really do. It started as a tween, when I made my parents order me subscriptions to Teen and Seventeen. Every once in a while I would snag an issue of Jane or Sassy from the convenience store. Even though I wouldn't be able to buy all of the fancy clothes or wear the makeup, I would devour these things. And today as a grown woman, I still love them. Maybe it's because of all of the pretty pictures, the momentary escapism, the lofty notion that after the 10 minutes spent reading an article, I will be all bright, shiny and new. And now, that special time of year is upon us . . . when the September issues start hitting the stands! Given that "September is the January of fashion" these are always some of the biggest, glossiest issues of them all. actually has a preview of all many of the September covers. (Sadly, neither Essence nor Ebony was included. Hmmmm.) I am still poring over which ones to buy (although I already do have the September issues of Glamour and Lucky). What about you, dear readers? Do you indulge in magazines? Why or why not? Whether you do or don't, you will surely find humor in these hilarious articles on women's magazines:
  • The Five Great Lies of Women's Magazines
  • 17 Things Every Women's Magazine Will Tell You (That You Should Ignore)
  • Enjoy!

    Curvysta Hits Maryland Fashion Week!

    MDFW 2012 banner So, last week was Maryland Fashion Week. (Who knew?) I have to admit that when I first learned about MDFW, I wasn't all that excited . . . until I learned that it would feature the debuts of two plus-size collections: Gemini by relationship expert (and Fat Man Scoop's wife!) Shanda Freeman and Jovanna Reyes, Special Project Creative Director of Skorch. Here is my footage of Jovanna Reyes for Curvysta collection:

    Now, for whatever reason, my video of the Gemini Collection would not upload to youtube *grrrr* So, until I can get that worked out, check out this preview clip from Shanda herself:

    Both collections are available for purchase from Enjoy!!!