Month: November 2012

Cold Weather STILL Is No Excuse!

OSP BootsWell, winter is officially making its way to the East Coast. And, though it may be tempting to check your style til spring, you must remember that cold weather is no excuse to be a schlumpadinka! In fact, a wintry mix can be a great reason to rock a fabulous pair of boots. Don't believe me that a fashionable, yet functional winter boot exists? Just check out these cold weather boots offered by!

  And if it's really coming down out there, be sure to grab a snazzy umbrella like the ones below!

(Yes, I know I had absolutely no business including that $360 umbrella . . . but it's so pretty! *drool*)

What about you, dear readers? How are you keeping cute in the cold?

More Gross, But Essential Career Advice

WARNING: If you are easily offended or grossed out, do not read this post. Consider yourself warned! Yesterday, we talked about the need to make sure your "shit is tight" as a means to overcome potential discrimination. When I first read that quote in Carole Simpson's book, it instantly made me think of another gross, but essential piece of career advice involving the same key word. When I first came to DC a mentor told me that one essential skill to develop was the ability to "eat shit politely with a knife and fork." (And I always thought that was just a line from a Julia Roberts movie.) When I find myself in situations where I have to swallow my pride, I remember this advice. At first, I used to think it applied just to me as someone who was working her way up the ladder. But as I have continued to move to the midway point in my career, I've found that it's not a skill that ever goes out of style. Because, the unfortunate truth is that everyone, from the office receptionist (who must answer to every person who calls or walks into the office) to the CEO (who must answer to shareholders and a board of directors) must eat shit from time to time. This truth is illustrated best by this scene from one of the best shows to ever air on television - The Wire. Check out this scene in which Tommy Carcetti, the newly elected Mayor of Baltimore, seeks advice from a former mayor about what to expect on the job: Disgusting? Yes. Truthful? Unfortunately so. What do you think, dear readers?

Monday Morning Memo – How to Overcome On the Job -Isms

"It is difficult for an employer to slam the door in your face if you are among the best. I have seen too many of my people blame every problem they have on racism. There's no doubt it exists and one of the best ways to deal with it, is to make sure your 'shit is tight.'" - Carole Simpson Right now I'm reading Newslady, a memoir by veteran news journalist Carole Simpson. Often the first African-American and/or woman in her various places of employment, Ms. Simpson became adept at excelling in the face of racism and/or sexism on the job. (Select incidents included being mooned by male colleagues while doing live radio broadcasts and being the victim of various unwanted sexual advances and potentially career-ending rumors.) I find that reading memoirs/autobiographies of successful women often encourages me as I move forward in my career. Knowing about what they were able to overcome gives me motivation when I find myself feeling overwhelmed by the challenges that I face in my own career. I find this particular piece of advice to be right on point. While no one can be perfect all of the time, striving for excellence in your work will help guard you against allegations of incompetence . . . particularly allegations that are based on sexism, racism, size-ism, or any other sort of "-ism." So, here's to keeping our shit tight. Have a kick ass week, everyone!

Plus-Size Black Friday Deals 2012: Link Love

OK. So we've established that I hate holiday shopping. But in case you don't, here are some fabulous links to bloggers who have rounded up some of the best deals for plus-size shoppers on Black Friday/Cyber Monday: Stop by these ladies' blogs and get the deets!

I Hate Holiday Shopping

crowded mall I hate holiday shopping. I know that sounds completely counterintuitive. Me? The girl who loves to shop? Hates holiday shopping? With all of its discounts and sales? Does. Not. Compute. But it's true. I absolutely detest it. I could try to make myself sound all noble . . . like this sentiment is based on my opposition to the extreme commercialism placed on some of the holiest days of the year. But that's not really it. I mean, even though I do think we've completely taken the Christ out of Christmas, I would be a total hypocrite if I didn't admit that I love getting presents, holiday decorations, and so on. My real beef with holiday shopping is that it completely ruins the shopping experience for the "regulars" like me. When I go shopping, it's an experience. I like to stroll leisurely through the aisles . . . stopping to admire the colors and fabric of the different garments. I like to play in the accessories . . . think about how I might wear this necklace or that scarf if I added it to my wardrobe. I like to saunter down the shoe aisle, prancing around as I try on my potential new kicks. Holiday shopping, however, makes most of this impossible. First of all, the stores are absolutely crawling with customers . . . you can barely make your way down an aisle at all, forget about any strolling or sauntering. Also, folks seems to lose their minds when it comes to the sales. They're so desperate to find things that they just rummage through inventory, tossings items about all willy-nilly and leaving a dishelved mess in their path. Once you add in the competition to find just the "right" presents, a trip to the mall becomes more like an ultimate fighting match. That's why I prefer to give (and get!) gift cards. That way you can just get what you want (or need) at your leisure. So yeah. Happy Black Friday . . . I guess.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving

“Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good; his love endures forever.” 1 Chronicles 16:34

Wishing you all a healthy, safe, joyful, and happy Thanksgiving! (Or, for those of you outside of the USA, happy 4th Thursday in November :))

What to Wear for Thanksgiving Dinner?

"Go back to your room and get dressed right now!" This is what my mother yelled at me when I descended from my room in my pajamas on Thanksgiving Day, circa 1993. I was a teenager. And, like most teenagers, I was "too cool" for everything . . . including getting dressed up for Thanksgiving dinner. I didn't see what the big deal was . . . I mean, we would all be sacked out in pjs in just a few hours anyway. My dad and brother would be watching sports and my mom, grandmother, and me would be lounging in the living room watching some sappy movie. Why dress up? [pullquote] Need more ideas for how to be comfortable, yet cute at Thanksgiving dinner? Check out this post: My Take on Curated Casual.[/pullquote] I recognize now that it was disrespectful of me to come to the dinner table in my pajamas after my mom, grandmother, and father had spent DAYS preparing our Thanksgiving feast. (Yeah. I'm one of those. I just come to eat. In my defense, I always do the post-Thanksgiving-dinner clean-up.) In the years since, I've always made it a point of trying to look at least halfway decent for Thanksgiving dinner. Ultimately, I end up trying to go for something that is seasonal in color, comfortable in fit (because you know you have to loosen a few buttons after that second helping of pie!), and, above all, appropriate for a meal with the entire family. If I'm really feeling adventurous, I might try to add in a cute accessory or two. Unsure of what you'll be wearing for Thanksgiving dinner? Here are a few outfit options to spark some ideas!
What to Wear for Thanksgiving Dinner?

What to Wear to Go Shopping

[caption id="attachment_5329" align="aligncenter" width="610"] Apparently, this is what Kim Kardashian wears to go car shopping. Mmmkay. Source:[/caption] Have you ever found yourself in a fitting room on a lazy Saturday afternoon? You try on a form-fitting blouse, only to see things, uh, hanging because you decided to wear the most comfortable cotton bra you own (instead of one of the pull-'em-up bras you might wear under a power suit)? Or, you try on a dress and after staring at your image for 10 minutes you still can't make up your mind. On the one hand, your tummy is sticking waaaay out there. On the other hand, though, you would probably wear this dress with some Spanx, so it might work out okay. Hmmm. We've all been there. Yet, I don't know why it took me so long to figure out the obvious - if you're shopping for something you'd wear to work, wear the same foundation pieces you'd wear underneath the clothes you hope to buy. That way you get a get a real gauge on how it will look on you when you wear it to the office. Isn't this basically the same advice that we read in Seventeen magazine back in the day about shopping for a prom dress - to try it on with the same shoes and bra you think you'll wear? I'm sure that same advice goes for most bridal shopping as well. Don't know why we throw this advice out of the window when it comes to shopping for our working wardrobe. Since making this discovery, I've found my shopping to be a lot more productive. In fact, it often gives me an excuse to hit the mall after a work day . . . you know, since I'm already wearing the support garments, the pantyhose, the shoes, etc. Am I alone in just recently making this discovery? Or have you all been doing this all along and just not telling me? Spill!

Monday Morning Memo – Enjoy the Sunlight

monday morning memo “Stop seeking out the storms and enjoy more fully the sunlight.” - Gordon B. Hinckley Lately, I've been making an effort to be a lot more mindful of everything - my eating, my physical state, even my breathing. Taking in the crisp, autumn air during my morning commute. The sweet aroma of that first cup of morning coffee. Noticing these little things helps me have a greater sense of contentment and guard against stress. Given this recent kick, as well as the fact that we Americans will be celebrating Thanksgiving later this week, I thought this quote was particularly appropriate for today. Here is to enjoying the sunglight. Have a great week, ladies!

Shopping Event Alerts!

Hey Everyone! I just got the word about two great plus-size shopping events in the DC area! THIS WEEKEND Makkah of Revolution Vintage Shop in Baltimore and Nel of Girls of Plenty are hosting a Vintage Clothing Pop-up Shop specifically for Curvy Ladies. Although this event is targeted toward the curvy set, there will be wares for all! The newest in earrings, rings, bracelets, hats, handbags, clutches, necklaces, etc. will be available, also. So we invite you to stop by and shop vintage, and stay for the new. Sunday, November 18, 2012 3-6 pm Electric Maid 268 Carroll Street NW, Washington, DC 20012 Steps from Takoma Metro Plenty of parking NEXT WEEKEND Jade Greer of K Staton Boutique says: Join us Friday, November 23rd 10am to 8pm as your favorite brand names Kiyonna, IgIgI, Karen Kane, NYDJ, Elomi (bras & panties) and so many more are on Sale! We also have great accessories that will dress up any outfits and put a smile on any woman's face! Handbags, Scarves, SPANX & if your not sure what to get that "Kurvy" women in your life we have Gift Certificates, so she'll be sure to get what she wants! ***Save up to 60% OFF*** 10% OFF SPANX brand items, 15% OFF all Accessories, 20% OFF Denim, 25% OFF Bras & Panties, 30% OFF All Dresses, 40% OFF ALL Outerwear (including cardigans, vest, blazers, and coats!) Plus take additional 10% OFF CLEARANCE items!!! Nov 23rd 10am - 8pm Happy Shopping, ladies!