Month: June 2013

Just in Case You Needed Another Reason to Hit the Mall Tonight!

Alist_invitation_2351_June30 Could you handle a discount like 30% off handbags or 20% off three regular priced items at ALDO? How about a chance to win a $25 giftcard and a goodie bag? Or a chance to get made up by a professional makeup artist and styled by some of the most fab style bloggers in DC? If this sounds good to you, join me and the other FABB Girls for an evening of shopping, sipping, and styling at the ALDO Accessories at the Fashion Center at Pentagon City at 6:30 p.m. TONIGHT! Now, I know what you're thinking - doesn't the mall close at 6? Yep. So be sure to use the entrance on the top floor next to the Nordstrom. Hope to see you there!!!

Curvy CEO Hits NYC! Full Figure Fashion Week 2013

Curvy CEO in NYCI remember back in 2009, when I was just starting to really feel comfortable in my plus-size body, that I heard about this new event called Full Figured Fashion Week (FFFWeek). I decided that attending this type of event - complete with runway shows featuring plus-size models - was just what I needed to boost my still-shaky self-esteem. That first year it was a small, but spectacular event - with models representing the full-range of plus-sizes rocking killer fashions. (In fact, it was at that event that I first met plus sexy designer Qristyl Frazier.) In the years since then, FFFWeek has exploded - and is now an entire week's worth of activities, including workshops, an evening cruise, shopping parties, and, of course, runway shows! Because the festivities take place across an entire week, I haven't been able to attend . . . until now, that is. I decided that I could not let another year pass without at least trying to make it to a portion of FFFWeek. So, I cashed in my hotel rewards points, got a bus ticket (yes, hunty, this bourgie girl got on the BUS!) and made my way to the Big Apple for Saturday's runway show. It was kinda surreal to meet people that I'd only known via social media. And, once again, it was truly empowering to see these beautiful women of all sizes take to the runway and strut their stuff. Here are a few images from the finale show. Even more pics are available on the Curvy CEO Facebook page. Enjoy!!!         [gallery ids="6336,6358,6357,6356,6355,6353,6352,6351,6350,6344,6339,6343"]

Monday Morning Memo – There is No Tiara!

monday morning memo"Women are . . . more reluctant to apply for promotions even when deserved, often believing that good job performance will naturally lead to rewards. Carol Frohlinger and Deborah Kolb, founders of Negotiating Women, Inc. describe this as the 'Tiara Syndrome,' where women 'expect that if they keep doing their job well someone will notice them and place a tiara on their head.' In a perfect meritocracy, tiaras would be doled out to the deserving, but I have yet to see one floating around an office." As you move through your week, being your fabulous self and doing your fabulous work, don't get discouraged when no one places a tiara on your head. Because . . . and here's the secret that no one will tell you . . . THERE IS NO TIARA! There are paychecks. Sometimes there are promotions. But no tiaras. None other than the ones you claim for yourself. Make it a fabulous week ladies!!!

Welcome to the A-List!!!

Alist_invitation_2351_June30 Curvy CEO is teaming up with some of the most fab bloggers from across the DC area to present an evening of styling, shopping, and sipping! At 6:30 pm on June 30, come hang out at the ALDO Accessories at the Fashion Center at Pentagon City with me, Lauren from Haute Off the Press, Brea of What I Wore: Tip to Toe, Vivi of Heart Print & Style, Oby of Fashion.Arts.Crafts.Etc., Nae of I Choose the Sun, Whitney of, Ariana of Shopaholic Undercover (who is also a stylist with Keaton Row) and Melani of Mary Kay. Just email Teyonna Herring at to RSVP! Hope to see you there!!!

Curves are Taking Over the Television – Literally!

In honor of the fact that Full Figure Fashion Week 2013 is happening RIGHT NOW in New York City, I'd like to highlight the fact that there are two . . . yes, TWO shows on television right now that celebrate the plus-size woman!

nuvotv-curvy-girlsThe first is "Curvy Girls" on NuvoTV, which is back for a second season. This show follows the lives of five plus-size models...I found this absolutely addictive last year. It's like "America's Next Top Model" meets "Basketball Wives" - absolutely delicious! The show airs Tuesday nights at 10pm.

Then, on Thursday nights over on We TV, we have the new show, "House of Curves". This show features plus-size design house Bella Rene out of Atlanta. The women on this show crack me up - they hold nothing back and I love it! Definitely an entertaining way to spend your Thursday nights. house of curves logo

Even if reality tv isn't your "thing," it's fantastic to see full-fledged plus-size women (representing the full range of "plus") on screen and looking fabulous! I intend to live tweet most of these episodes...if you're not already following me on Twitter, click here and join the conversation!

Monday Morning Memo – This Is Your Life!

monday morning memo "This is your life!" - Ralph Edwards During the early years of television, there used to be a show called "This Is Your Life" that highlighted moments from the life of a special guest, complete with surprise appearances by old friends and other significant figures from one's past. In recent years, I know I've been a little... well, grumpy about where my life is versus where I want it to be or where I thought it would be at this point. However, more recently, I've begun to adopt a different approach. Instead of complaining about what is and dreaming of what could be, I'm starting to really embrace the facts of my own life and then learning to work within the context of what IS my life...warts and all. I'm finding that this shift in mindset is really helping me to be a much happier person. Yeah, I wish I had all the money in the world and didn't have any debt. But that's not the case. So, instead I celebrate that I get to work at a job I love and that the balances on my credit cards and student loans continue to go down. Sure, I wish I were in tip-top physical shape. Even though I'm not there (yet ;)) I am learning to work my curves and find that I'm getting stronger every week! As you find yourself facing less than ideal circumstances this week, try a subtle shift in thinking . . . not in a Pollyanna-pie-in-the-sky kind of way, but in a real way that genuinely delights in the simple pleasures amidst the craziness of life. Make it a great week, everyone!

How I Learned Not to Hate Summer

hot summer sunI used to hate the summer. It's hot. And it's HUMID. Like, step-outside-and-instantly-look-like-you-just-set-a-world-record-in-the-200-meter-dash humid. That's how nasty the weather can get in DC during the summers. I swear, I used to hate it until a few years ago, I made a decision. Since I knew I was planning to pretty much live in DC for the duration, I needed to learn to make peace with the summer. So, I started making a list of things I liked about the summer. As I focused more and more on what I loved about summer, I actually found myself feeling a little sad when summer came to a close and I had to bundle up to keep warm in the cooler temperatures. Now as the temperatures hit new heights I have to remind myself of my reasons to love summer:
    • It's pedicure season! Hooray for frequent and guilt-free trips to the nail salon!
    • Who needs hosiery? Even though I love pantyhose, there is something liberating about just slipping on a pair of sandals or flats and heading out the door.
    • Daylight Savings! Sunlight until 8pm or later? Yes, please!
    • Warm summer nights. Whether you want to quote Johnny and Sandy or Miss Jill Scott (" was nice and jacket, no umbrella, just warm...."), there is nothing quite like warm, romantic summer nights.
    • Festivals, barbeques, outdoor concerts, pool parties, etc. From Memorial Day to Labor Day, summer is often an endless stream of social activity.
    • Nothing but dresses and skirts! As you know, I live for my dresses and skirts. In the summer, I wear them virtually everyday!
    • Vacation!!! Besides the end of the year, summer is a time when no one will look at you sideways for taking an actual, real, bona fide vacation.
Those are just a few of the things I love about summer. Now, make no mistake. Even though there are things I've learned to love, the constant humidity keeps me a member of Team #EffSummerTho. What about you? How do you feel about the summertime?    

Curvy CEO’s Summer Workwear Essentials

Ah, summertime. When dressing for work can be a tremendous source of joy (the bright colors! the delicious fabrics!) and frustration (high temperatures + high humidity + arctic air conditioning = #$%&^!). While dressing fashionably AND comfortably can prove to be a challenge during the summer, it is not impossible at all. In my estimation, here are the absolute essentials for your work wardrobe for Summer 2013:
Summer Workwear Essentials
1. A sleeveless dress. A sleeveless dress is an absolute essential for your summer wardrobe. You can go sleeveless (yes, you CAN go sleeveless!) outside where it's hot and then slip on something to keep your arms covered while inside your arctic office building. 2. A simple shrug. As I've shared before, I absolutely ADORE shrugs. These tailored little jackets are a simple way to give you relief from the air conditioning and also "dress up" what might otherwise be a more casual look. (They are especially handy if you want to add some polish by pairing it with a maxidress that you might wear on Casual Friday.) 3. A lightweight cardigan. Besides a shrug, you absolutely must have a lightweight cardigan sweater. It's great for those days when you don't need to wear a suit, but still need to look pulled together. When a heavy (i.e., HOT!) jacket or blazer is just too much, the lightweight cardigan sweater can be a lifesaver! 4. A white blazer. Perhaps this is the natural evolution of the black-and-white trend we saw earlier this spring, but it seems like white blazers are cropping up everywhere! A crisp, sharp, white blazer is a great alternative for black, gray, or navy that can really make your summer business looks POP! 5. A fabulous pair of sunglasses. I used to be one of those people who disdained wearing sunglasses...I just found it cumbersome. But these days, as I find myself trotting around Capitol Hill during the peak hours of sunlight, a cool pair of shades has become an absolute necessity. Whether stepping outside to grab some lunch or heading across town for a corporate meeting, slipping on a fabulous pair of sunglasses is another way to add some flair to your whole, it protects your eyes! (And, I don't care what anyone thinks, I loooove oversized sunglasses!) 6. Comfortable, yet sleek sandals. The other day I was tempted to actually wear flip-flops to work. I mean, they weren't throw-away-just-came-from-the-nail-shop flip-flops...they were actually pretty fancy and decorative ones that I got from Etsy. But still, they were flip-flops. Thank goodness I kept my mind together and opted instead to wear my most comfortable sandals. And that's really what you need during this time of year - comfortable sandals that show off your pedicured toes (because if you're showing your toes, they BETTA be correct!) and also convey a professional image. I remember a few summers back when I had a meeting at the White House scheduled for one of the hottest days of the year. Because of the meeting location, I was tempted to go ultra-formal and wear pantyhose and pumps. But, with a forecast calling for triple digit temperatures, I just couldn't do it. So, I wore some simple, open-toe sandals. When I got to my meeting with the White House staff, I was delighted to see that she was wearing open-toe sandals, too! The moral of the story? It is very possible to wear clothing that is both business- and just need to use your best judgment. What do you think dear readers? What are some of YOUR summer work wardrobe essentials?

Books & Brunch – Will YOU Be There???




An in-depth discussion of the best-selling book Lean In and a catered brunch by DC-area chef and author Tiffany Griffin of (Y'all remember Tiffany - she catered the very first Work Your Curves event. Now, sistergirl is making big moves with her new cookbook! You can read more about Tiffany and her food/cooking philosophy here.)

The event will take place on Saturday, June 8, 2013 beginning at 11:00 AM at the Archstone at M Street (1160 First Street, NE, Washington, DC - just steps from the NoMa-Gallaudet metro station on the redline!) Now, for those of you who fear a vegi-centric cuisine, fear not! The menu includes pancakes, grits, and - yes! - mimosas!

Good food. Good conversation. What could be better than that? Tickets (because you know, we gotta pay for the catering!) costs $35 and may be purchased online at Even if you're not able to read the book, we invite you to come out and indulge in what is sure to be an awesome event. Hope to see you there!!!