Month: September 2013

Monday Morning Memo – Prioritizing Wellness

monday morning memo "If you don't have time to be sick, you must make time to be well." - Unknown (at least to me!) Recently, a friend saw the quote above on a billboard while driving down an interstate highway. She couldn't recall the author's name - and I wasn't able to find out thought the interwebs. Nonetheless, the truth of this statement cannot be denied - particularly for us plus-size professional women. As we take on more and more responsibilities - at work, in the home, in our churches, in our communities, etc. - we must place an even greater priority on our health and well-being. Somehow we must learn to resist the temptation to skip the evening workout to put in even more hours at the office; to skimp on sleep to pull an all-nighter baking cookies for that school or church bazaar; or to snack on chips and cookies because it's "quick and easy" instead of the equally quick and easy fruits, veggies, or protein bars. Yes, I'm serious. Why, you ask? Well, first and foremost, if we don't take care of ourselves, we run the risk of falling all the way - and then none of our tasks will be completed. Moreover, I firmly believe that truly handling your business as a professional means not only showing up, doing the work, and looking the part, but also taking care of yourself. Getting proper rest. Eating nutritious foods. Moving your body. Tending to your spiritual, mental, and emotional health. We will be talking a lot about self-care this week...but not before announcing a chance for a giveaway! Be sure to stop by the blog tomorrow for details!

Trend Alert – Shades of Gray (Fall 2013)

While black and white is still going strong as a trend this season, we are also seeing GRAY emerge as a hot color (or non-color) to rock. Here are a few cute pieces to get you started...the beauty of this trend is that it's something that can never really go out of style...I mean, it's a neutral for goodness' sake! I'm especially loving the gray trench...'cause y'all know I love a chic trench coat.Enjoy!
Shades of Gray

Newsflash: Style Network No More :(

So, this morning I turned to my favorite channel, the Style Network, and landed on something called Esquire TV. Huh? Of course, I quickly went to the Style Network website and found this: A little more research uncovered that this change had actually been in the works for a while and that while some Style Network programming would remain in place, others would need to find new homes. *sigh* If anyone finds out where and when I can watch "Tia & Tamera" and "Guiliana & Bill" let a sistah know. *pout*

Monday Morning Memo – Fashion vs. Style

monday morning memo "Fashion changes, but style endures." - Coco Chanel Although it may be tempting to run out and embrace every new trend (especially at this time of year), remember to always let your personal style shine through!

Event Alert – Healthinista Walk!

So, the normal Work Your Curves bootcamp will not take place this weekend due to a scheduling conflict. (BOO!) However, I recently had the pleasure of meeting health and wellness coach Tosh Patterson and this Saturday morning she is sponsoring a FREE Healthinista Walk, beginning at 8:30 a.m.! This is a fantastic alternative for those of you who are looking for a way to get active and surround yourself with like-minded individuals. Click the picture below to register! Be sure to tell her that Curvy CEO sent ya! [caption id="attachment_6817" align="aligncenter" width="456"]Click Here to Register! Click Here to Register![/caption]

Trend Alert – Teal! (Fall 2013)

Nope. You aren't imagining things. You *have* been seeing teal everywhere lately! Aptly described by Accessories Magazine as a "not quite green, not quite blue" hue, teal is emerging as an all-purpose shade that will be everywhere this season. Here are some of my favorite picks from plus-size retailers...I may even have a few already in my closet! What do you think of this trend? Will you be rocking some teal this fall?
Trend Alert - TEAL (Fall 2013)

Monday Morning Memo – Some Wisdom from Karl

monday morning memo "Elegance is a physical quality. If a woman doesn't have it naked, she'll never have it clothed." - Karl Lagerfeld Yeah, I know. I never thought I would quote fat-shamer extraordinaire Karl Lagerfeld either. But, this one was too good to pass up. Here's to looking deep within and cultivating that which truly makes us elegant and beautiful. Have a wonderful week, ladies!

Big Announcement!!!

So anyone who reads this blog knows that I'm all about self-improvement, self-empowerment, and self-esteem. Well, after reading wistfully about the AMAZING Chasing Joy Brunch & Learn events sponsored by awesomely inspirational Arlett (and, most recently, featuring the ever-so-fab Erika of Your Chic Is Showing), I knew that this was something that we had to have here in DC! So, Curvy CEO is partnering with Chasing Joy, Your Chic Is Showing, and event-planning company Luxe Giving to present the Chasing Joy Brunch & Learn DC! CJBL DC Unofficial Logo Here are the deets! WHERE: Maggiano's at Chevy Chase, 5333 Wisconsin Avenue NW, Washington, DC WHEN: Saturday, January 11, 2014 from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. WHO: Those who believe that gratitude, giving back, accomplishing goals, and trying new things are all methods of improving quality of life and desire to do so in connection with other women while enjoying a yummy brunch! This event will be the perfect kick off to your New Year! However, we invite you to take advantage of our super-early-bird registration rate of $36! Your ticket includes a complete brunch (menu below) and a giftbag filled with goodies!


Menu - Assortment of Muffins, Sliced Seasonal Fresh Fruit, Croissants, Assorted Jams & Butter, Fresh Baked Zucchini Bread, Cinnamon Streusel Coffee Cake, Fran’s Potatoes with Roasted Peppers & Onions, Spinach & Tomato Frittata, Cinnamon French Toast with Caramelized Bananas, Smoked Bacon, Served with freshly brewed regular and decaffeinated Coffee and assorted Fruit Juices. This will be the first of many reminders about this event - hope to see you there!!!

Getting Over the Fear of Flirting

shy plus size woman Although most people would tell you that I'm one of the most friendly and talkative people they know, I must admit that when it comes to flirting, I am an absolute mess. Oh, don't get me wrong...if a man is unavailable (gay, married, or a member of a strict religious order), I have no problem chatting him up...because I know nothing is going to happen there. But when I encounter men who are actual, real, legitimate dating prospects? I turn into this....

"Why do you do this?" demands my Inner Voice. *whining* Because... What if he laughs? What if he gives me the cold shoulder? What if I make a complete and total fool out of myself? When these thoughts flood my mind, I try to draw on the resources at hand. First, there is this wonderful list created by my girl Arlett about how to do things even when you're afraid. I especially like her tips to "take small steps" and to do things "on your own terms." For her, this means going out socially more on her own and promising herself to have at least one drink before going home. Now, that doesn't sound so scary does it? Much better than "Do happy hour solo and snag you a man!" There have been times that I've gone out with friends and we've made an agreement that before we could leave, we each had to chat up at least three guys. If nothing else, this sort of "assignment" guarantees that we will each have at least one ... interesting story to tell the other at the evening's end. Another way I try to overcome my fear of flirting is by remembering the words of my guru, Brene Brown: "The need to be cool is an emotional straightjacket. It keeps us from moving, growing, stretching and feeling free." So, in order to really put yourself out there (when it comes to flirting or anything else), you've got to get over the need to "be cool." Now, of course, there will be times when you encounter people who deem you not quite cool enough for them...and who make sure that you know they feel that way. *pause* Um, so what? One of the perks of adulthood is that, thank God, you do not have to surround yourself with people who make you feel bad about yourself. By now, you have enough presence of mind to remove yourself from situations and away from people that leave you feeling poorly. Also, you hopefully have cobbled together at least enough self-esteem that you no longer rely on the approval of those around you to validate your worth. (And even if you do, as an adult, you have more tools and resources at your disposal to get help if this is an issue for you.) Finally, I remember what a good friend said to me recently when I was lamenting about my fears around flirting: "It's not like you're going to marry any of these guys!" Now that's really some truth. I mean, of course, the ultimate purpose of flirting is to hopefully meet someone that you would end up dating and marrying. But, I feel pretty confident that this will not be the outcome for 99% of the folks you flirt with....I mean, it's not like the olden days when if someone thought you were cute, all they had to do was talk to your Pa and then the next thing you knew, the family had traded you in for two cows and a sack of rice. You don't have to let things go any further than your personal comfort level. So yeah. Here's to getting over the fear of flirting...even if only bit by bit. What about you, dear readers? Have you ever found this to be an issue? How did you overcome it? Spill!

Are YOU the Face of LAMIK Beauty?

Lamik Beauty Flyer1 Well, Sandy Jean-Phillippe, creator of the Evolution of Curves, has teamed up with Lamik Beauty to launch the Evolution of Curves Model Search. Open to women of all races and ethnicities sizes 12 and up, the model search is designed to spotlight "people who truly embody what beauty looks like today in every aspect." Kim Roxie, creator and owner of Lamik Beauty Cosmetics, specifically wanted to open this platform for women with curves! Because Lamik’s motto is “Looking at Beauty under a Different Microscope," Roxie shared, "we hope that our supporters will bring the same confidence and personality to our search as they do in real life!" Aspiring models should submit two (2) current photographs (one headshot/one full body) and a short essay describing why they should represent the Lamik and Evolution of Curves brands to Judges will choose 5 finalists and a select group of the remaining top submissions will be featured on where supporters will select a People’s Choice winner. One Grand Prize winner will get a BEAUTY CAMPAIGN with Lamik Beauty Cosmetics, a photoshoot, and an opportunity to walk in the finale of the Evolution of Curves Tour in New York City! This looks like a great opportunity for model hopefuls! Be sure to send in your submissions by FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 20, 2013!