Monday Morning Memo – How Are You Loving You?

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Today's Monday Morning Memo is one for the saints.

Lately I've been thinking a lot about the concept of self-love and self-care...mostly because I haven't been engaging in much of it. Oh, I've gone to the salon to get manicures and massages, but I'm talking about the care of the inner self. Part of my resistance to really taking care of myself relates to the fact that so often self-care is demonized as being selfish. But, as the Lord said Himself, you have to love your neighbor as yourself. I don't know about you, but in my case that means that I have a lot of *neglected* neighbors. So, I'm realizing that for me, I have to get back to basics. Like, turning the tv and my phone OFF. Sitting with my thoughts and thinking about what I really want out of life. Doing some journaling. Also, as I shared on Instagram, I've started a new devotional in hopes of getting my "breakthrough" as I continue to struggle with grief from the recent loss of my grandmother.

Because I was made for more than feeling broken. #devotional #grief #healthychoices

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So, here is to loving yourself just as much as you love those around you.

How are you taking time to care for yourself these days? Please share in the comments section or on Facebook or Twitter. Have a great week!

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