Frequently Asked Questions

What is Curvy CEO? Curvy CEO is a website designed to help the plus-size professional woman look and feel her best, addressing issues of fashion, beauty, and culture.

Why did you start Curvy CEO? I started Curvy CEO because I recognized a void in the world of plus-size fashion. I wanted to create a resource that responds to the needs of the plus-size professional woman. I am not a designer - I can just barely sew a button back onto a shirt. So, I knew that I couldn't respond to those needs by creating apparel. But I can write. And shop. And shop some more.

What qualifies you to write Curvy CEO? Well, I have about a decade's worth of experience being a plus-size woman in a professional workplace. Plus, I've pretty much bought everything already so you don't have to.

Don't believe me?

Take a peek inside my closet.

What is your general philosophy on style? I basically abide by the following tenets of style:

  •  Always be comfortable, but cute.
  • Whatever you’ve got, make it look good.
  • Know and embrace your size and shape.
  • It’s better to overdress than to underdress.
  • It is never out of style to be event appropriate.
  • Try to dress as if something important is going to happen to you that day.

This is all well and good, but isn't being overweight unhealthy? Aren't you just encouraging bad habits? The purpose of this site is not to debate the obesity crisis or defend the right of plus-sized women to . . . you know, exist. I will leave that to others. The goal of Curvy CEO is to help all plus-size professional women to look good and feel good, irrespective of their dress sizes. Ultimately, even if a person decides she wants to lose weight, she still needs clothes to wear in the meantime. And that's where Curvy CEO comes in.

You mention an awful lot of products on this site. Are you getting paid for these reviews? As I've shown above, I own a lot of stuff. Tons. And I love to shop and browse. I am a true product junkie. While Curvy CEO is an affiliate partner of several shops, I only advertise products and services that I believe in and use myself.

So, unless stated otherwise, none of the products or services mentioned on this site resulted from a paid endorsement or other consideration.

I have a product or service I'd love to advertise on this site. How can we make that happen? Also, do you do product reviews? If you are interested in advertising with Curvy CEO or submitting a product for review, please utilize the Contact Page. Please download the Curvy CEO Media Kit for more information.

Does Curvy CEO have a privacy policy? Yes. We value the privacy of our readers. We will never publish, sell or otherwise compromise personal information provided through the site.

Does Curvy CEO have a comment policy? Yes. Please play nice in the cyber-sandbox. No bullying, no name-calling, no profanity. And absolutely, positively NO derogatory remarks about weight. This is a size-positive site. Take rude comments elsewhere. Oh, and please don't try to advertise your products in the comments section. We hate that.

Anything else we should know about Curvy CEO? Yes - I absolutely hate typos. HATE! If you see one, contact me and I will fix it right away. (Yes, I'm serious.)

Stay fabulous!